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The modern workplace is radically complex with an ever-changing dynamic. 

Cultivate the adaptive mindsets, principles, and frameworks necessary for success:

Balance employee flexibility, efficiency, culture-building, and outcomes

Build a united culture when there is no cultural memory for those that have never set foot in an office, or met their team in person

Successsfully collaborate, meet, and unite teams in a multi-dimensional, multi-locational “workplace”

Building & Sustaining High Performing Teams

Define the mindsets and first-principle behaviours that fuel performance in any organisation.

Optimise for performance, fulfilment, and purpose. No burnout required.

Winning Workplace Culture

Winning is results, but how you play the game is equally important.

Defining the values, work ethic, ambition levels, and the character of a team is critical for any team that’s playing to win.

Emotional Intelligence for exceptional performance and fulfilment.

Planning. Purpose. Vision. Mission. IMPACT

Connecting the dots of purpose, service, and mission, from the micro to macro. Identify how every person fuels your organisation outcomes and purpose.

Forget motivation. This is what really unites and strengthens performance and engagement in any team or organisation.

Advanced Communication

*Executives & Managers

This one’s a dealbreaker.

All performance hinges on the quality of your communication.
Poor communication? Expect low results and a fragile team culture.

Authentic, effective communication is the essential performance tool for any team.

Coaching Skills

for Leaders and Managers

Being technically excellent is far from enough in today’s complex workplace.

Average managers give instructions and tick boxes. Excellent leaders facilitate collaboration and inspire teams to new levels of performance and ways of being. 

Learn how to connect, spark motivation, and elevate others’ performance through proven frameworks and the art of coaching.

 A score of 4.9 out of 5 and 100% Overall Satisfaction rating. Comments focused on participants’ desire to spend more time with Claudine.

Director, Shared Services, ACT Government

This is the second year we’ve booked with you and you delivered again. Your training has resulted in a real change in my thinking and those around me. It’s even sparked a change in some of the most guarded staff within the team. We’re respecting and embracing our differing thinking styles and ways of doing things. Staff are now welcoming diversity of thought – finally. Thank you!

Department of Defence



On day 1 I absolutely believed I was in the wrong place and I almost walked out. I didn’t think I was qualified enough or had enough experience to participate in the program. I am so glad I stayed. I have discovered so much confidence through doing this course.

 As I mentioned yesterday there is no way I would have put my hand up for acting opportunities. But I dug deep and volunteered and I have just done my first stint as acting EL2. I was terrified and thought I would just grit my teeth to get through it and strangely I have found that I have enjoyed it. Not all of it but some of it and it has made me view my normal role differently.

From Monday, when I return to my normal EL1 life, I will look at my work from a higher viewpoint and with regard to all the other work going on in the section and branch. I feel confident to help other areas with their work because I have been forced to understand what they do.

I will also take greater care with the work I submit to my boss and I am going to ask her to give me some stretch tasks to help develop my capabilities.

I emailed XXXX and he responded with a lovely email and I will be asking friends and colleagues if they know anyone that fits my criteria for people that I want to get to know.

I am also working on developing a growth mindset. Starting with finishing reading the Mindset book (and yes I did read your ultimate guide!). I am actually finding the Mindset book slow going because I am finding it confronting as it challenges so many of my core beliefs (that I didn’t even know I had!)

I am also going to incorporate more coaching questions into my conversations with my staff. I did the coaching course that XXXX offers this year and it was amazing. I need to actively work to incorporate the principles into my daily life.

Something that I started earlier this year was to block off 30 minutes each month to review the work I had done and note down how it fitted with the APS capabilities and the ILS.

I keep a document saved on my desktop so I can add to it so that when it comes to PDS time/job application time I can look back and note examples of when I demonstrated particular skills.

This document also shows areas when I have nothing to write and this is therefore an indication that I have to do more in that area – e.g. strategic thinking is a weakness for me. This task has fallen off my radar in the last few months but I am going to get it going again.

I am also going to back myself!!!!! The 360 feedback was amazing for me. From this feedback I can see that I am highly regarded by my colleagues and that they value me and my input. This has been an enormous confidence boost for me.

I could go on and on but that is probably enough! This course has been life changing!!!! Thank you Claudine.

– Manager 

Thank you for delivering an awesome expansion/experienced leaders program (EL1 MMDP). Also thank you for doing my 360 degree feedback session with me today.

I fully enjoyed your training program and have learnt a lot from it. Please see below the summaries of some of the changes I made over the course of your program.

Here’s a summary of the highlights for me from this program:

• Engagement with other high performing ELs and SES.

• Experiential learning and reflection sessions.

• Having a facilitator like you – you’ve demonstrated how emotional contagion works as a person who is authentic, energetic, positive, passionate and vibrant.

Here’s the changes I realised at an individual level (micro):

• I became more relaxed as a manager.  

• I became more skilled in building trust and empowering my team – evident from my team’s feedback. 

• I became more open and receptive to other perspectives. 

Here’s the changes I realised at a team level (Macro):

My team is becoming more productive and happy – one of the changes I made was to give timely positive feedback, praise and acknowledgement; emotional contagion is also a success factor.

My team is becoming more solution focused – I was able to ask target questions to empower my staff.

My team is communicating and collaborating with each other to get things done and to build each other’s capability and capacity – having a relaxed manager who empowers them helps with communication and productivity.

Here’s the changes I realised at a departmental level (Meta)

• The iceberg model helped me to better understand people’s actions and behaviours – enhancing my stakeholder engagement skills.

• The HACK model helped me to focus on the solution rather than the problem – this thinking process allowed me to ask stakeholders relevant questions to resolve wicked problems – leading to effective problem solving.

• I start sharing some of the learnings from your program with my peers – I look forward to seeing a ripple effect to enhance the department’s leadership skills.

In summary, I would highly recommend your program to my colleagues and peers.

It’s fun, interactive, enlightening and amazing!

– Manager

My coaching sessions with Claudine has been one of the most valuable experiences I have had in my career. I have shared my learnings with my team and by applying the strategies which I had developed with Claudine, my team has also become more effective in prioritising their work and time. By role modelling the growth mindset and empowering everyone to identify and understand their core beliefs, they too have shown personal and professional growth. As a team, we’re communicating more effectively, working collaboratively to overcome barriers to achieve outcomes, and confidently showcasing our successes. There has also been an increase in the team’s engagement and energy level.

– Linda, Team Leader

The experience with Claudine far surpassed any set expectations I could have had. Deep diving and discussing core beliefs in early sessions set us up for a tailored and personalised experience. Exceeding my expectations.

I was a confident leader and manager but did not know that coaching could drive me to another level.

My communication effectiveness has grown, my confidence to express my needs has vastly improved, my core beliefs are now positive and my fixed mindset has shifted to a growth mindset. My capacity to manage a high workload has improved and my task management is more under control.

– Team Lead

I found Claudine to be an exceptional and passionate presenter, she was experienced, well versed, dynamic from start to finish.

Her method of delivery was inclusive and I feel she gained the most from our group through her collaborative style of teaching. Without doubt her refreshing and enthusiastic approach made the whole day thoroughly enjoyable.

The syllabus cannot be faulted. It was based interestingly enough on science, psychology and common sense….I have to say I found the content extremely topical for me personally and absolutely put things into perspective. 

– Paul, Manager

Prior to my coaching sessions with Claudine, my level of confidence and leadership capacity was low. I was struggling to overcome an extremely challenging year which was impacting my ability to be an effective leader. Claudine helped me work through my issues by constructively challenging some of my fixed mindset thoughts and core beliefs which was impacting me negatively. 

Now, I am able to communicate clearly and confidently with my team, peers, managers and stakeholders. I am more effective in prioritising my work and time. I feel more engaged and focused at work. I have received positive feedback from my team and manager about my proactive leadership.


Just some feedback about yesterday’s course – I really enjoyed the course. I thought you were a great presenter and easily made it an enjoyable day. Emotional Intelligence has been a topic I’ve always been interested in.

I think I didn’t have much EI when I was younger, often letting my emotions get the better of me. I think with age comes wisdom and understanding that there are consequences to yourself and other people when anger and frustration take over, and controlling these emotions is something which I’m getting better at. The course was very insightful and thought-provoking.

– Ally 

I am definitely a lot more confident in my role as a leader and in my ability to support my staff in achieving their goals.

After rediscovering my empathy for others in your leadership course, it really has changed my life.

No matter what conflict I have encountered, I’m now more able to stay calm and first try to understand where the other person is coming from rather than getting frustrated. It’s made a world of a difference.

I’ve started a self-development series with my team, where we discuss self-development topics in our weekly team meetings and commit to action areas for development. 

– Jenny, Manager

I was in your Emotional Intelligence training last week and wanted to pass on my feedback.

I thought you were fantastic. Your vibe, your confidence, your knowledge, your communication style, just everything was fabulous. I found you so engaging and interesting to listen to and I felt like I was given a bit of a shake-up that I needed. That we ALL need.

You were inspiring, honest, non-judgemental and really open to the group – I didn’t hear all the standard corporate / executive BS which was usually get served up on work courses.

It was hands down the best course I have been to in 11 years at my organisation.


– Jessie, Manager

I was completely blown away and inspired by Claudine’s keynote and workshop on Inspiring Resilience. As the event organiser, Claudine surpassed all of my expectations and her incredible stories on the Mindsets that create purpose, drive, success, and which fuel teamwork, deeply resonated with the entire room.

Working in the finance sector means we must constantly adapt, face challenges and successfully overcome anything that comes our way. Claudine’s powerful presence and words left us feeling completely inspired and ready to face anything. Cannot recommend Claudine enough.

Tony Schesser, CEO Instil

I wanted to write to thank you for the Emotional Intelligence course you ran last week. This was the most useful behavioural training opportunity I’ve had since I’ve worked here.

I attended this course seeking “tools” that could assist me during difficult discussions.

Consciously applying these tools during the “not so good moments” will make a big difference in my life. I’ve already applied it in the last few days and found it helps enormously.

More importantly, I’ve gained a perspective on Emotional Intelligence I haven’t had or considered before. I can see this helping me as a Team Leader at all levels of discussion with my staff, my peers and my superiors.

Truly, thank you.

– Dr. Paul, Team Leader 

Claudine’s keynote speech at our all-staff event was perfect.  

She has that WOW factor you want from a speaker.

Claudine’s a natural motivational speaker whose story is inspiring, authentic and powerful.

I have no doubt that our team will call on this speech when we need to come together, dig deep and get incredible results in the future.”


Paul Everson, Managing Director,

JW Thompson


Mindset. Performance. Fulfilment.