WOOO HOO! I’m excited. The beginning is a great place to be.

Hello, and welcome to my first post!

I’ve created this website with the core intention of adding value to people who are looking for more from themselves but who want real answers and practical tools and strategies to do this. Because fluffy and empty answers like “Just be positive” and “Believe in yourself” aren’t real strategies. That’s not where the magic happens.

Ok sure, phrases like “Be positive” and “Believe in yourself” are true and they certainly mean well, but the real question is HOW DO I ACTUALLY DO THAT?!

Here, I don’t want to share surface level phrases with the depth of a puddle but are expected to water a football field.

I want to offer you some very real, actionable processes around how we can actually do things like have a mindset that helps us to upgrade ourselves and our lives, instead of keeping us in self-doubt or in puttting us down. I want to talk about how we can be/ do/ become a bettter version of ourselves AND importantly, how we can actually accept ourselves along the way (which I know is a near impossible task for the uber achievers out there).

To win at work or in sport, to achieve more either professionally or personally, we need to be able to manage our mindset AND our emotions. We need to have an understanding of our psychology and why we do what we do. We need to know things like how do we keep our cool with things fall apart? How can we pick ourselves up and KEEP GOING when we fail, when we lose, when someone we love betrays us, when we don’t get the support we think we need? How can we be build our optimism and resilience? How can we stop feeling like we’re never enough? How can we genuinely process our emotions instead of just block them out or push them aside, so that we can truly get over things and move forward to thrive? How can we break free from fixed, limiting patterns of thinking to create a new future for ourselves? I believe that ALL of these things are 100% learnable skills that we can continually develop and improve. 

I’ve spent more than 20 years trying to work out how to control my mindset so that I can strive for more and achieve things that I’m proud of, and to love myself along the way. I’ll be frank- THIS WASN’T EASY. I’ve failed terribly at all of this, but I’ve been absolutely committed to learning what works, what serves me, and what doesn’t.

I want to share everything I’ve learnt with you, so that it can serve you too.

As well as achieve some pretty cool things and have some deeply meaningful expereinces, learning how to manage my mindset and emotions has helped me to overcome a lot in life. 

It’s helped me know HOW to best manage when you’re born into a family with deep, transgenerational trauma.

It’s helped me to become a 14 x National Karate champion, even though my karate teacher told me that I had ugly karate and that I should forget my goal of wanting to be the best in the country.

Learning how to control my mindset and emotional state has also helped me to finally understand what true confidence is, and how to have it.

These are the topics that I’m going to delve into on my blog, and I hope you stick around to cover it all with me!

More soon,


PS I know this is only my first post and probably only 2 people will read this (for now!), but if you’re one of those two people, please send me a question on ANYTHING mindset or emotional management you’d like me to cover. If you’re feeling really bold, please leave a comment below to let me know you dropped by, and to share your questions or comments there. Thanks!