Your 2023 Success Roadmap

Your 100% personalised

‘Strategic Success’ Coaching Package

for Leaders, Athletes, AND PEOPLE who want to
double their SUCCESS and their fulfilment in 2023!

Do you feel like 2022 is almost over in the blink of an eye and yet;

– you’ve somehow barely made a dent into some of your biggest goals, despite being super busy and doing so much? OR

–  maybe you spent a fair bit of the year worried or doubtful, or lacked an overall sense of ease, success, and fulfilment? OR

– maybe you got some great wins on the board, but it still feels like you lack clarity on how to take the right steps to help you get where you truly want to be within yourself, and in life?

You might be left wondering, where did yet another year go and WHY do I still feel like I’m not my best self?”.

Maybe you’ve tried everything from

  • working “harder” or “smarter”
  • saying “no” to more things
  • getting even more committed at work or to your sport?

But the reality is, it still feels like you’re not really where you truly want to be in life (or maybe you don’t really even know where you want to be?!)

If it feels like there’s a LOT of untapped potential inside of you, keep reading…

You’re in exactly the right place!

If you’d love to;

stop feeling like there’s never enough time to do everything you want to (and instead feel in control of your time and calendar!)

spend your weeks and months doing the things you most love, surrounded by people who lift you up, (instead of working on projects or with people that drain your energy or make you feel small, or stressed, or anxious)

get truly focused on your priorities and spend your time working on things that move the needle on your biggest goals and visions (instead of getting overwhelmed by the grind of everyday life, or caught up with the relentless “business as usual”)

create a ton more wins, success, and fulfilment in your life (instead of getting bogged down doing everything for everyone else)

create a simple, clear plan that will make you feel confident in yourself and your future (instead of living day to day, week to week, and never having the space to even think about what you really want)

spend your time effectively in a way that sees you win, creating your best self and your best life!


Because I was that exactly that person too.

Hi, I’m Claudine!

I’m a High Performance Mindset Coach for leaders, athletes, and people who want to win at life.

I guide, support, empower, and teach clients exactly how to win their own mindset and create the results they’re truly seeking. 

I’ve won 16 Australian and International Karate Championships, and I was the first woman to achieve a 4th degree black belt in one of the world’s largest karate clubs.

But I didn’t always have a winning mindset, or a mindset that I loved.

In fact, it was the total opposite…

How My Pursuit for BEING #1 Fuelled My Shame That “I’m never enough”

My karate journey was a wild rollercoaster of emotions since I decided to be the best of the best.

I was still only a brown belt, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to win EVERY national and world championship I entered. This of course meant beating all the black belts.

Amazingly, I won my first Australasian Title in 2002. It truly was a dream come true!

But then I HAD to do that again, and again. Every. Single. Time.

But I couldn’t…

My sense of self-worth was fragile. My worthiness always came from something OUTSIDE of me. It was something I had to win, achieve, or PROVE.

Unconsciously, I had  strict “terms and conditions” that needed to be met for me to be proud of myself, or even to value myself.

Whilst I always loved karate, I didn’t love the person I was. I struggled with feeling like I was never enough…

I bore the weight of this suppressive, secret burden, and I hauled it around in private. Everywhere…

I would be enough when… I achieved this, or that, or when I reached that next level…

But the truth was, the goal posts NEVER stopped moving.

I had a broken mental framework for myself that ensured that no matter what I did, no matter how many titles I won, there was always a “not enough-ness” inside of me.

I knew there had to be a better way. I became determined to find it.


I started questioning the way I viewed myself and my perception of winning.

I realised that the common saying, “You win, or you learn” is TOTALLY WRONG.

It’s far wiser to learn from our wins so we can repeat them! Of course, we should learn from our losses so we don’t repeat those mistakes too.

After every major karate tournament I started doing a review of how I performed, and how I felt.

I worked out exactly where my time would be best spent so I could compete more successfully next time and how I could make the journey more enjoyable. 

Many years later, I learned that this process was what many of the world’s top performers do for their peak performance: it’s the universally proven 80/20 rule. (*Aside: but almost no one does this to audit their fulfilment, it’s usually only for technical performance and outcomes.)

Today, this is how I define “success”- because true success is never just the results you achieve. It’s how you feel as well. 

Success = performance + fulfilment

I became adept at working out simple, powerful strategies to DIAL UP my wins, and my happiness! I also learned how to DIAL DOWN my losses on the podium, and also emotionally.

By doing this simple, unique “success” review, year on year, my karate improved exponentially. But even more importantly, I stopped beating myself up when I lost, and started loving myself instead.

I got rid of my shame and fear around “not being enough”. Instead, I focused on winning effectively and gracefully, and being as fulfilled as I could.


As the years rolled on, I started using my review process in ANY area of my life: from projects to experiences, from people to periods of time- be it three months, or an entire year.

Now, instead of setting random New Year resolutions that require brute Herculean willpower to stick to (or that don’t really correlate to my bigger vision or  most important goals), I simply use my strategic success review. 

Through my unique Success Roadmap, it is the simplest way to create a “better version” of myself, and my life! And every year becomes significantly better than the last.


Today as a high performance coach, I share the exact tools I’ve developed for myself (my mindset library is HUGE and is always growing) with all of my clients- whichever tool they need.

My strategic success planning process is no exception.

In the past two years alone, I’ve helped over 1200 executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and athletes, to increase their performance, impact, self-worth, and overall fulfilment. 

I’ve helped clients in sport or business to leverage their BEST habits and practises so they can double, triple, or even 10 X their outcomes!

I’ve also shown them how to see their most invisible, unhelpful patterns that have accidentally been leaking their success or their happiness. We work out how to stop them, fast.

Then, I give them the exact next steps to take so they can move forward with confidence!

With our powerful 1:1 strategy calls, my clients gain exceptional CLARITY on the key areas that drive the most success in their life, and or create the biggest misses as well.

Then I show them exactly what to do with those game-changing insights to ensure their next year is exponentially better, on any level they want!


My leadership client, Sophie said:

“I realised that I was placing equal value on everything and not prioritising my most important things. It had to stop, and it did!”

Joe Ward, Ultra-Running Champion and Business Owner, said: 

“The process Claudine took me on was so powerful– it changed everything for me this year! Just 30 mins into the session I could see the same things that were bringing me so much happiness in my life it even brought tears to my eyes… Claudine helped me create incredible clarity in that one session and wrapped up so many gold nuggets into my plan. It has eliminated so much stress from my life! Now I’m getting clients in my business that I never would have before.”

Now it’s your turn!


Your 2023 Success Roadmap!

A 100% personalised, 1:1 Strategic Success Coaching Package for Leaders and Athletes who want to
double their SUCCESS and fulfilment in 2023!

Here’s How It Works

  • A 90 minute 1:1 “Strategic Success” Coaching call via Zoom video, where I’ll help you get exceptional clarity on the key areas we need to leverage to help you make 2023 a major success
  • Your bespoke 6-Step “Success Roadmap” so you know exactly where you can gain exponential results and fulfilment in 2023!
  • A 45 minute 1:1 “Accountability & Momentum Builder” Coaching call, where I support you and ensure you create winning momentum, right from the get-go! We all need help being accountable so this call will ensure you take best-practise action to get the massive growth and results you want in 2023!
In other words, the simple 3-step process looks like this


In our 90 minute 1:1 deep dive coaching call, I drive your empowering “Success Review” using my proven strategy and unique coaching style!

Expect major insights, nuggets of wisdom, and solutions to your biggest problems.


I create and email your bespoke, 6-Step 2023 Success Roadmap, outlining exactly what actions to dial up, and what to dial down, so you get real results, fast, that compound right throughout 2023!


[Approximately 4 weeks later]

We have our powerful 45 minute “Accountability & Momentum Builder” Coaching call, to ensure you’re feeling great, taking the right steps, and on track to a winning year!

Here’s what my client, Karen, said;

“I did not expect to feel so much happier in the short time working together.  Empowering.

And what my athlete client, Rob, said;

“I was holding back in life – putting others’ needs in front of my own needs, to my detriment. I was saying yes to pretty much every request anyone had of me. I felt like either something was missing, or I wasn’t reaching my full capacity. I knew that this was a mindset thing… After working with Claudine I started setting boundaries – saying ‘no’, and I stopped over-estimating my competitors and underestimating myself. I built my identity as an athlete. Having Claudine as a role model of how to think as a champion, I gave myself permission to go after what I want in life.”


If you wanted, you could join the masses and try to muscle your way into the New Year by setting arbitrary resolutions that help you to feel good in the moment. But sadly, that on-the-spot motivation is fleeting and translates to very little in real life, long-term.

Why do New Year resolutions fail the majority of us?

*It’s because they’re not addressing the root causes of your existing losses.*

No-one can create a sustained “New Year, New Me” breakthrough, no matter how much willpower they may have- because our resolutions are almost always SOLVING THE WRONG PROBLEM.

Resolutions are a band aid solution that address a surface-level desire for what we think will help us in our life. But they don’t give you clarity on your most important goals or needs, nor do they stop your invisible habits and patterns that are accidentally leaking your performance (or your fulfilment).

So instead of setting resolutions that you’ll probably forget about before February arrives, be one of the lucky few* who will work 1:1 with me and get Your 2023 Success Roadmap!

(*Sadly, due to limited capacity in December, I have no choice but to keep these 1:1’s strictly limited).

After chasing and reaching the top of the podium for over 15 years, and after working with thousands of executives, leaders, and athletes, I know exactly what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to winning, success, and fulfilment.


17 Powerful Ways To Up-Level Your Thinking

It’s no secret that having an advanced mindset is critical to achieving top level performance and to experience deep, inner fulfilment.

That’s why I’m also gifting this Special Bonus: 17 simple, powerful, and highly practical ways you can up-level your thinking in 2023!

Once we wrap up your empowering 1:1 “Accountability & Momentum Builder” Coaching call, you’ll receive this special bonus! An engaging, deeply insightful, and fun 3-part video series!

Across these 3 video’s I’ll be sharing 17 of my:
  • Best mindset strategies
  • First principles for winning
  • Simple solutions for self-confidence
  • Essential high performance questions to ask
  • My most empowering self-belief techniques

plus much more…

… so that you can have all of these powerful mindset tools, any time you want them in 2023!

It took me over 20 years to compile these transformational insights, lessons, and mental frameworks. And I want you to use them so you can WIN BIG in 2023!


As we edge closer to the end of 2022 there is unfortunately a limited time to deliver these empowering 2023 Success Roadmap packages.

And because of that, I’m offering just 12 limited spots for those who want to double their success and fulfilment in the new year!

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If you’ve ever wanted to work with me 1:1, now’s the time.

Here’s what you’ll get

  • A 90 minute 1:1 Strategic Success Coaching call via Zoom video – Value $595.00
  • Bespoke, 6-Step “2023 Success Roadmap” (PDF format)- Value $275.00
  • A 45 minute 1:1 “Accountability & Momentum Builder” Coaching call via Zoom video – Value $295.00
  • Bonus: 3-part video series– 17 Powerful Ways To Up-level Your Thinking – Value $500.00
TOTAL VALUE: $1,665.00 

NB. All prices are in AUD  

BUT I’m offering 12 lucky people

a 2023 Success Roadmap package

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I get it. It’s easy to feel to feel like you’re stuck or that you won’t get results. And if that’s how you feel, then I especially encourage you to save your spot because working with me 1:1 and using my proven Success Review process will change your life.

Take a look how my client, Skye, thought she had mental barriers that she would NEVER overcome! (And look what she did…!)

“At first, I wasn’t sure if it would help me. I had a lot of self-doubt and didn’t believe in myself. But Claudine helped me break through barriers in my mind that I didn’t think I could ever overcome. I went from heading into the competition with a losing mindset to coming out the State champion. It was truly a life changing experience!”

My client, Rob, also had strong doubts before working together;

“I doubted that I would get much out of it and I also doubted my ability to make change. I was concerned about hearing a lot of ‘life coaching talk’ and cliches. But Claudine never even came close to that. She exceeded every expectation I had.”



A new year only comes around- of course- once a year!

So, the next time I offer this is at least 12 months away! (But to be honest, I don’t even know if I will offer this again next year, and certainly not at this price).

Right now, I am offering a “2023 Success Roadmap Package” to the first 12 people who secure their spot.

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So if you are DONE with not getting the results you truly want…

… if you’re tired of not having the clarity or confidence in yourself and your goals…

… and if you’d love to doubt, worry and stress less, instead knowing exactly how to double your level of success and fulfilment in 2023…

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