Discover How to Top Your Field,

Unlock Your Hidden Potential, and Embrace Your Inner Champion,

Without Feeling Like You’re Not Enough

Introducing The Undeniable Laws of Winning

If you are…

An athlete or leader who wants to have unshakeable, AUTHENTIC confidence, reach your fullest potential, and WIN in your chosen sport or field! BUT…

  • If it feels impossible to go all-in on your goals, or you feel like you can’t truly back yourself
  • If you struggle with negative thinking or you tend to be your own worst critic
  • If you hold yourself to an impossibly high standard that you can never quite reach
  • If you feel like there’s a so much untapped potential inside of you, but you don’t know how to “go for more”
  • If you tend to over-estimate the competition, but doubt your own abilities (or frequently over-analyse your every move and mistake)
  • Or if you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to win, yet somehow you always come up short….
And if you’re looking for a way to;
  • Become world class or the best in your field, OR become the very best of your potential
  • Have a strong, confident, winner’s mindset
  • Fully believe in yourself as you strive for your biggest (REALEST) goals
  • Feel like the winner and champion you truly are

Then you’re in exactly the right place.

I get it…

Hi, I’m Claudine! I’m a High Performance Mindset Coach for athletes and leaders who want to win their mindset, achieve their goals, and unlock their deepest potential.

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve worked with thousands of top performers across the globe, from the Space Systems Branch at the Department of Defence, to National, World, and Olympic level champion athletes.

But it was during my own relentless pursuit of winning I discovered how to win.

I’ve won 16 National and international Karate titles, even though a sensei told me I had ugly karate and I should forget about wanting to be the champ…

Winning my 14th National Title in the Female Opens Black Belt Division, despite being told I had ugly karate (and years of losses, near misses, and hard won lessons).

But I didn’t always have a bulletproof winning mindset.

And I certainly didn’t know how to win every single time or unlock my fullest potential. In fact, far from it…

My karate journey was a wild rollercoaster of emotions since I decided to be the best of the best, back when I was only a brown belt. I didn’t let my lack of skill or experience stop me from wanting to win EVERY national and major international championship in the Opens Black Belt division (even though I wasn’t a black belt yet).

Amazingly, I won my first Australasian Karate Title back in 2002. It truly was a dream come true!

But then I HAD to do it again and again- because anything less meant going backwards. (If truth be told, anything less than winning actually made me feel like I was a total loser… UGH.)

I was the wild dark-horse that no one saw coming when I won that first Australasian title. I was a nobody. Zero pressure on me at all.

But after I won- I felt anxious, suffocated by this invisible, new-found pressure to perform. And to win.

Despite training as hard as I could, and trying EVERY trick I had in the book, I couldn’t repeat that first victory. It took me another three years of losses and near misses before I could crack that winning code and claim the National Title again.

I Had to Prove It Wasn’t A FLUKE… That I WAS A Winner

Winning felt like a mystery that would disappear within my grasp right when I needed it the most.

It was like smoke I could never grab hold of, frequently drifting off into a different, unpredictable pattern I couldn’t manage.

Driven by an insatiable need to solve this impossible puzzle of HOW to WIN consistently, I was obsessed with studying winners and top performers from any sport or field.

I devoured books, YouTube videos, documentaries, seminars – anything to help me learn about the mindsets, habits, practises, and belief systems of those who seemed to have winning ‘on lock’. I devoured and trialled every clue I could find.

I ended up competing for over 15 years- sometimes as often as every week, for 10 months of the year.

It was even more than a journey. It was a way of life.  

The myth of “Leaving no stone unturned”

I used to think the recipe for becoming a repeat champion held just two ingredients: technical expertise, and total self-belief. I was wrong.

There were many more vital pieces to the puzzle I was missing…

Today, I hear athletes claim they’ve “left no stone unturned” or that “they’ve tried everything”…

Sadly, they haven’t, but it’s not their fault.

Because how can you turn over a stone you don’t even know exists in the first place?!

It took me competition after competition, of winning, losing, and trying again- to earn my years of hard-won lessons, strategies, and insights.

In well over a decade of pursuing excellence and wanting to be the best, I finally discovered the best winners all work from the same set of unwritten laws.

These laws have been a total secret, until now.

I call them…

The Undeniable Laws of Winning

It’s Time to Unlock Your Inner Champion

My Undeniable Laws of Winning will empower you to:
  • Create winning clarity: activate the first Law of Winning to align your thoughts, emotions, and actions, fuelling you to achieve your deepest goals and outcomes
  • Learn how to become a preparation powerhouse: master preparation in all its dimensions, ensuring you’re fully equipped to navigate any challenge that comes your way
  • Embrace the power of intentional decision-making to overcome challenges, achieve breakthroughs, and scale new heights
  • Cultivate unwavering self-confidence by implementing powerful self-management techniques, empower you to believe in yourself, and rise above any challenges!
  • Unleash your winning potential by masterfully managing your inner dialogue, replacing self-limiting beliefs with empowering thoughts of certainty
  • Learn how to silence your inner critic and replace self-doubt with self-belief, building a deep, resilient conviction in your capabilities
  • Transform your mindset, think like a champion and believe in your ability to succeed in your chosen sport or field
  • Cultivate a winning mentality that fuels your motivation, propels you forward, and drives you to continuously expand, evolve, and ACHIEVE!
  • Develop a strategic and focused approach to your goals using so that you can navigate any obstacles, keep your eyes on the prize, and achieve greatness
  • Experience a profound sense of personal growth and self-actualisation as you unleash your potential and achieve new levels of confidence and excellence
  • Live your fullest potential and become the winner you always dreamed of!

Here’s what other people have to say about how I’ve taught them to win

A big thank you to Claudine who I’ve been working with as a mindset coach for a few years now. Your work with me as a person and an athlete has been phenomenal. I’m truly grateful to have you guiding me towards chasing my dreams.

– Kaye Scott, World Boxing Champion Silver Medallist, 2023 

Claudine taught me how to truly go all in. She taught me how to believe that I was a contender, and then got me to the point of knowing I was going to win…

Rob Mason, Coast to Kosci 240km Ultra Marathon Champion, 2022

Claudine helped me break through barriers in my mind that I didn’t think I could ever overcome. I went from heading into a fight with losing mindset to becoming the State Champion.

It was truly a life-changing experience.

Skye Falzon- NSW State Champion 


The Undeniable Laws of Winning

An 8-week Accelerator program for athletes and leaders who want to discover the secrets to topping your field, unlocking your hidden potential, and feeling like the winner you truly are!

How we’ll win together!

How the 8-week Accelerator Program works

8 Winning Modules

Access my exclusive material full of practical strategies, action steps, and life-changing insights! Save valuable time and start winning sooner with my engaging, to-the-point videos and easy-to-do worksheets and winning guides.

4 Live Workshop Coaching Calls

Join me and a powerhouse group of winners and champions from a diverse range of fields in an empowering workshop coaching call, every 2 weeks during the 8 week program!

Skyrocket your insights and momentum by getting 1:1 time with me directly, by applying for a ‘Hot Seat’ on our live calls. For every ‘Hot Seat’, I’ll answer your stickiest questions and biggest challenges to ensure you have the answers you specifically need and your biggest roadblocks are removed!

Inspiration. Support. Accountability.

Also at our Live workshop coaching calls, you will receive the knowledge, inspiration, and accountability you need to elevate yourself to the next level of winning! Get to know me, and one another, and be inspired by our winning cohort! It’s simple: we all go further together.

Rest assured I will hold you accountable to take simple, consistent actions to get you the results you deserve! Get excited by the MASSIVE progress you are about to make!

Real, practical, proven winning strategies! 

Forget about guessing what will and won’t work to unlocking your potential and next-level expertise. Instead, cut through the noise (and the fluff) and get straight to my proven first principles and deeply effective strategies, to see you winning sooner than you ever could have imagined!

BONUS #1 – Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs and Negative Thinking
Value- $500

Are limiting beliefs and negative thinking loops holding you back from realising your true potential? It’s time to liberate yourself from these mental barriers and embrace the champion within!

In this transformative bonus video and workbook, you will learn the exact 3 Mental Frameworks that fuel self-doubt and perpetuate negative thinking- so that you can break free from them!

Discover how to rewire your mindset, cultivate unshakeable confidence, and unlock the winning mentality that resides within you.

BONUS #2 – Mastering the Power of Winning Questions
Value- $500

The perfect complement to Bonus #1, this game-changing gift takes your journey of breaking free from limiting beliefs and negative thinking to the next level!

In this enlightening video and pdf guide, you will discover the exact types of questions that keep you stuck and playing small in life- so that you can eliminate these questions and NEVER get stuck again!

Instead, get clarity on the exact types of questions the best winners ask, so that you can unlock your winning mindset that propels you towards confidence, fulfilment, and to victory.

BONUS #3 – Unstoppable Resilience: “How To Believe In Yourself, Even If No One Else Does
Value- $200

This powerful ebook + journal chronicles my deeply personal, behind-the-scenes story of how I went from a ZERO PERCENT chance of even competing, to winning my first ever Karate World Cup.

Within these pages, learn how I was repeatedly told by experts and professionals that I had no chance of even entering the tournament…

Yet through my relentless determination and unbreakable resolve, I managed to completely turn my situation around to compete- and win – that competition.

The ebook then transforms into an empowering journal, filled with practical journal prompts to light the path for you. It will reveal deep insights, help you to produce invaluable strategies, and provide a wealth of inspiration to cultivate a mindset rooted in unshakeable self-belief, and how to win against all odds.

Eyes on the Prize

The first and most fundamental Law of Winning is critical to your success. It’s the lead domino to achieving 99% of your goals and dreams, and fuels your confidence, clarity, purpose, and vision.

Learn how to get the flywheel spinning and set yourself up for victory with this one Law alone!

Patch up leaky confidence

Imagine pouring water into a bucket that’s full of holes. No matter how much water we pour in, it’s ALWAYS going to drain out. So it is with our confidence and self-belief! There’s no point talking yourself up if sooner or later you’re accidentally talking yourself down.

Learn the exact mental frameworks that leak your confidence and performance and eliminate these mindset leaks from your life!

Cut to the chase

If you feel like you’ve tried everything but the win is never within your grasp, or if you feel that you’re simply destined to be a “middle-of-the-pack” performer, it’s time to CUT TO THE CHASE. Learn exactly what you need to be doing differently!

There IS more potential inside you and there ARE ways we can access it. I’ve got a winning methodology that has cracked the code for myself (and I was a very tough nut to crack) and for scores of others- from over 30 different sports and industries!

Winning your goals and becoming your best self doesn’t need to be elusive any longer.

Living as An Authentic Winner

Reading about the Laws of Winning is one thing, but actually using them in your life is another.

Get the support, accountability, and expert guidance so that you can shift from knowing, to doing, to winning in real life.

I’m obsessed with helping others how to win their mindset, feel deeply fulfilled, and achieve their goals.

I can’t wait to show you how to apply these Winning Laws to your specific goals and aspirations, so you can take a journey you love, and achieve the outcomes you’re secretly dreaming of- all 100% authentic to you of course!

Real Results. Fast

It took me 20+ years to learn, define, and refine these Winning Laws- but now you can use them to start winning within weeks!

In-depth Game plans

Engaging, in-depth videos, winning guides, + practical worksheets that unpack each of the Winning Laws, so you can apply them to your unique goals and life!

Early Adopter Cohort

As the second ever cohort to go through my Undeniable Laws of Winning Accelerator program, participants will be recognised as Early Adopter Members and will receive the program for an early adopter rate. Join the leading pack for less and start winning sooner.

Live Workshop Coaching Calls

If you haven’t experienced my energy in a live group or workshop coaching call yet, you need to! Learn from me directly during our insightful, empowering weekly workshop coaching calls.

Connect With Champions

Connect with other leaders and athletes from diverse fields during our live workshop coaching calls. Learn from and be inspired by how others apply the Winning Laws to win, and you can too. Iron sharpens iron!

Winning Hotseats

Apply for a ‘Hot Seat’ to get my strategic mindset on your burning questions, goals, and toughest challenges! Get the bespoke, winning solutions you need to become unstoppable.

Your Winners Roadmap

Discover your unique winning game-plan that’s specific to your sport or field, so you can take the right steps to make your dreams a reality!

What Would It Mean To Finally Feel Like The Winner You Always Dreamed Of?

It was a profound moment I’ll never forget…

After ten crushing years of trying, failing, and trying again, I finally won the international karate championship I’d been dreaming of.

I was floating on air and bursting with joy!

Even my sensei- who was almost wholly unemotional – wept quietly as he hugged me in celebration. More than anyone, he knew the ginormous, sustained effort I’d put in all these years, and how I’d consistently come up short. Until now

I’d finally cracked that code! I unlocked that secret part of my potential I previously struggled to reach, year on year.

Today, I empower my private coaching clients to do the same.

They too discover the secrets of winning: how to use their mindset to unlock their deepest, fullest potential, and to WIN.

They happily pay thousands of dollars to work with me 1:1 to undergo this transformational, results-focused, empowering process.

Imagine if you could learn how to unblock those invisible barriers, and FEEL like the winner you know you truly are?

What would that mean to you?

What if you did achieve those goals and dreams you’ve been secretly yearning for all these years?

Well, NOW YOU CAN discover how to solve that puzzle and unlock your fullest potential!

By joining my Undeniable Laws of Winning Accelerator Program, you can receive the secrets of winning so that you can top your field, unlock your hidden potential, and embrace the inner champion you truly are!

Is This Program Right For You?

I’m extremely mindful about the types of clients I work with, and who I’ll allow into my programs. This is because I’m aware how important it is to have the right people as a client or student in a program.

When I say the “right” people, I don’t mean the smartest or the most likely to win. That doesn’t qualify someone as coachable, or as a passionate and committed student.

So that it’s super clear, here’s a list of who would not belong in this program.

Please read this list carefully, as these are all dealbreakers:

  • You want me to win for you. Respectfully, I can give you the exact strategies and solutions, but ultimately if you want to win, there is only ONE person who can do it- and that person will always be you.
  • You’re looking for a magic bullet and expect that all winning should be easy. No, that’s not how it works. Even when you’re the best in the world, winning is STILL challenging. No matter how good you get at competing or achieving, winning is never an entitlement.
  • You’re unwilling to test your assumptions, or consider alternative points of view. Without being willing to explore new concepts, strategies, or ideas, how can you learn anything new? Respectfully, if you resist my advice or suggestions, how could I coach you to new levels of performance?
  • You are purely looking for motivation or inspiration, rather than wanting to take action to create real change. Sorry, I am not this type of coach. I am here to get my clients and students REAL results. Yes, I’m all for being inspired and motivated, but if you’re interested in just thinking and talking- not doing- this actually becomes one of the most unmotivating things ever. I believe the best motivation is to make progress, and that’s what I’m here to ensure for my clients and students. Action>> Progress >> Fulfillment + Results!

This program IS right for you if:

  • You’re ready to invest in yourself and your goals!
  • You’re committed to learning and to taking action. You understand that patience, persistence, and consistency are all key factors when it comes to achieving progress and results. You know that a world champion isn’t made in a week.
  • You have the emotional maturity to handle the challenges that can come with competing or giving your all. You understand that “not winning” is an inevitable part of the hero’s (that’s you!) journey
  • You’re looking for honest, tangible, and effective winning strategies that endure the test of time- not quick-fixes or surface level hacks. You’re here so that you can learn how to create meaningful, life-changing progress and wins!
  • You are excited at this great opportunity to discover the secrets of winning (don’t worry, it’s OK if you’re a little nervous too!) and to the journey of creating an evolving, best ever version of yourself!

Here’s what some past Undeniable

Laws of Winning students say…   

My biggest win from the program was deciding that the time is now for this stuff. Before, a lot of the self belief I had was more this belief in the “future me” and realising instead, hang on. No, this can be me now. And deciding that!

Chris Wilder, Intensive Care Doctor

I loved the live calls. I just think they’re fantastic. I loved hearing other people’s stories and other people’s thoughts as well. I loved the way it was done, that’s how I learned.

Taylah Gentzen, Professional Boxer

I thought the material is original, backed by proven theory and concepts. I love the term “the Laws”, because the law is the law… And the live workshops- I just wish we could do them every week. I didn’t want it to end.

Michael Molloy, Owner- Pure Running also Prime Recovery

The Whole Shebang, Here’s Everything You Get!

  • 8 x How-to-Win Coaching Modules – Value $7,000
  • 4 x 90 min Live Workshop Coaching Calls- Value $4,000
  • Bonus 1: Breaking Free From Limiting Beliefs and Negative Thinking – Value $500
  • Bonus 2: Mastering the Power of Winning Questions- Value $500
  • Bonus 3: How To Believe In Yourself, Even If No One Else Does Value- $200

TOTAL VALUE: $12,200

IS JUST $997

OR, get started for just $397!

*Nb excludes gst, Australian residents only

Start Winning Now!

Choose your option

1 payment of


(Further saving of $194)

3 payments of


(Get started for less!)

Why Settle For Less Than You Deserve?

From Olympic level athletes (I’m not kidding) to leaders in huge organisations, I hear the same painful words, time and again …

The confessions that ‘I’m not enough” to win- or sometimes even to chase their truest goals and dreams.

Those three brutal words: I’m not enough.



I’m here to respectfully call this out and firmly say No to this BS social conditioning.


You simply don’t have your winning game plan, or the means to help you unlock your fullest, highest potential- YET.

But by joining The Undeniable Laws of Winning Accelerator, you will!

Through the winning coaching modules and exercises, through the enlightening live workshops and the breakthrough “Hot Seats”- you can gain the clarity, self-power, and winning strategies that will propel you towards clarity, confidence, and victory!

Some more from of others who have said Yes to The Undeniable Laws, to help them win!

Claudine has distilled the essence of winning into a clear, easy-to-understand framework that lets you see the gaps in your performance and close them with confidence.

Caroline Guntur, Productivity Expert- "The Swedish Organizer"

I got everything out of the program that I hoped and more!

There was a clear framework, and I love frameworks. And the live [coaching] calls were so entertaining. I was glued to the screen. 

Mark Avery, Ultra Runner

The biggest tangible win from the program was winning the title!

But even more so than the actual title was how I felt going into the fight. I competed with so much trust. I knew that win or lose, I was enough.

Sara Jalonen, Professional Boxer

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start and how long is it for?

The next Undeniable Laws of Winning cohort will start Fri 1 March and will run for 8 weeks, closing Fri 26 April. However you will have access to ALL course material for years to come!

Where will the program modules be held?

All modules, videos, action guides, and all learning materials will be hosted on a private online platform. You’ll create your private log-in details after you’ve joined the program!

Where will the 4 x Live Workshop Calls be held?

All four (4) Live Workshop calls will be held via Zoom video. You will receive all Live Workshop meeting links, after you’ve joined the program.

When will the 4 x Live Workshop Calls be held?

The exact times and dates will be shared with participants once they’ve joined the program. Note- it will be at the most convenient, widely accessible time for all participants.

What if I can’t make the Live Workshops?

Every Live Workshop will be recorded and added to the private program learning materials, so you can still access every Live workshop- and rewatch recordings as much as you like!

What is a “Hot Seat”? Can I still apply for one even if I can’t make a Live Workshop?

Yes! A “Hot Seat” is where you submit a question or challenge that you would like me to work on with you directly during our Live call. In other words, you take the virtual “hot seat” and I give you my best coaching support right on the spot.  You’ll get my expert POV, ideas, stategies,  solutions, and breakthroughs on your “Hot Seat”!

Even if you cannot make a Live Workshop, you can still apply and submit a question for a Hot Seat. I will provide the best ideas, possible solutions, strategies, actions, and advice I have, and you can watch the recording of the Live Workshop to get my answers. Rest assured, no one will miss out- even if you can’t make a Live Workshop!

What if I don’t feel like a winner- can I still join?

YES! No one expects you to feel like a winner yet. Becoming a winner is a process- not a destination we suddenly arrive at. You will learn how to become a winner as you go through the learning modules and do the exercises in the program! This program is the roadmap and guide to showing you how to become the winner you truly are.

What if I’m not an athlete?

That is not a problem- my undeniable laws of winning are not limited to sport. This program is best suited to those who want to win in their chosen field, OR become the very best version of themseelves. 

Bottom line: If you want to learn how to unlock your fullest potential, become top of your field or an absolute winner, this program is for you!

What if I’ve never competed before- or only competed at a lower level?

This is no problem at all. This program is about learning how to win your mindset, and your goals and dreams, no matter how big or small those goals are.

What if I don’t get results? Is there a return policy?

My mental frameworks, strategies, principles, techniques, philosophies, coaching style, and winning tools, have proven to be successful for thousands of clients and participants from over 30 different sports and industries.

It’s very simple- my material worked for them, and it will work for you too! My approach, and my material, is completely focused on getting you results. Fast.

But I’m not clairvoyant. I can’t promise exactly what those results will be, or the specific time frame you’ll get them. We all start at different places in our journey to success and winning, and we all have different invisible inner barriers to our success that require a unique combination to unlock.

But regardless of this, based on the exceptional results for the thousands of others that have applied my principles, strategies, exercises, frameworks, tools, and techniques, I will personally guarantee that you will get results from my Undeniable Laws of Winning program. 

That’s why we have  30-Day, 100% refund policy for the cost of the program available.

However it’s important to note, our refund policy states that you’ll need to show you did the work in the program, to be eligble for a refund. Taking the right action i.e. doing the work in the program, is what will get you the results. So, if you ask for a refund, we will ask you to show you’ve completed the course work.

Do I have other options?

Yes, absolutely!

It took me over 10+ years of dedicated training, thousands of dollars investment in studying personal development, competing, winning, losing, and trial and error, to get where I am- and you could do the same. But then you’d need to replicate everything I eventually did…which really defeats the whole purpose.

Work it out yourself?


You could try to figure out how to win yourself, spending hours watching motivational videos on youtube, or reading “how-to” books from the self-help section, in the hope it helps you to believe in yourself, win big and achieve your goals. I wish you luck, because this road is a long one. And there is no guarantee it will move the needle on your confidence or your ability to win, even 10, 20, or 100+ videos or books down the track.

Get a degree in sports psychology?

How does 4 years full time study and $36,000+ sound? If that doesn’t seem viable, you could work with one instead? But let’s be clear though- as helpful as a sports psychologist can be, they aren’t there to teach you how to win. That’s simply not the core function or role of a sport psychologist.

Hire a coach?

If you’re a leader, you could hire a leadership coach. Or anyone could hire a mindset coach, a life coach- or any coach you want. Now, there are some excellent coaches out there, but there are unfortunately some absolute hacks as well. And WHO of them teaches the exact practicalities of winning, for any sport or field?

Respectfully, I believe there isn’t a single mindset or performance coach out there teaching WINNING like I do, who gets the results like I do for their clients, across any sport, government agency, or industry.

My methodology, strategies, tools, philosophies, and coaching style has proven to get results for over 15 years, for me personally and for thousands of clients, students, and participants, from over 30 sports and industries.

Do nothing?

This is the most disempowering choice of all. Sure, you can hope that things just somehow improve over time. But let’s be honest though, is that a likely outcome? We both know that people don’t just magically change, or magically start achieving our biggest goals out of nowhere…

Winners Don’t Wait

One of the biggest differences between those who win, and those who don’t, is that winners don’t wait.

Winners put themselves into the driver’s seat of their life by actively DECIDING and creating their own fate. It’s not luck. It’s about taking meaningful action in the direction of your goals and dreams. Winners decide.

Before working with Claudine, I had the biggest feeling of ‘Imposter syndrome’, like I didn’t belong in meetings with those execs. Often I would wait until after the meeting and then tell someone my idea on how to solve the problem.

Now my thinking has changed from “I don’t belong here” to “I can’t wait to present my ideas, I know how we can solve this!” 

Jennifer Kazangi

I would have been in HEAVEN to have known these Laws of Winning all those years ago, as I struggled to figure it all out. It was so hard… feeling like an absolute loser when I lost… feeling like I was never quite enough on the journey of chasing my goals.

Cracking the code to “winning” became so much more than just getting results- it was a process of learning how accept and even love myself, as I unlocked my potential.

This deep inner trust and freedom allowed me to create the highest, fullest expression of myself, and to win!

Are you ready to say Yes to your goals and your fullest potential?

Are you ready to choose the winner’s roadmap?

Start Winning Now!

Choose your option

1 payment of


(Further saving of $194)

3 payments of


(Get started for less!)

For assitance or any questions about The Undeniable Laws of Winning Accelerator program, please contact