Hi, I’m Claudine. I’m so grateful you’re here!


If you’re looking for practical, highly effective tools and strategies to help you master your mindset,  you’re in the right place!

I’m a Mindset Coach who helps athletes both pre and post Olympics, and I teach Emotional Intelligence to organisations like the Australian Federal Police.

Now it’s your turn! I would love to help you to create a mindset that sees you win, fulfilled, and one that you absolutely love!

My background includes;

– 16 times Australian + International Karate Champion

– 4th degree Karate black belt

– TEDx Sydney core team writer

– Lived in the jungle & worked to alleviate poverty across Asia Pacific

– Communication Lead for multiple Bank mergers, plus much more


Joint Degree: English Literature and Theatre Studies, University of North London

Diploma in Film and Television, Sydney University


Herman Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), Whole Brain Thinking,

Certified Practitioner Genos Emotional Intelligence, Certified Practitioner

Genos Ignite Emotional Intelligence Leadership, Certified Practitioner

For over 20 years as I’ve strived to master my own mindset, I’ve crafted a huge MINDSET LIBRARY.

I want to share my best tools and strategies with you so you can use them to achieve, win, & thrive in sport, business, and in life.

Curious about working with me?! Simply take a quick mintue to let me know what you’d love my support with and I’ll be right in touch!


The Re-Set